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In 1988 Steve, Donna, and Michael opened their first location inWilliston Park along with their parents Francesca and Antonio (Fran-Toni).With consistency, quality and commitment to the community, the placethrived. In 2008 the family ventured to open there second location in East

Meadow to the delight of their loyal customers.They take great pride in what they serve and get fresh ingredientsdelivered daily to make dishes from their own family recipes. MichaelMistretta and GM Peter Bruce both with culinary backgrounds have puttheir own spin on these original family recipes. We sampled their signaturerigatoni alla vodka, sweet and delicious with a hint of salty prosciutto; chickenscarpariello, tender chunks of chicken and sausage in a homemade savorybrown sauce; and crispy fried calamari. All dishes are pure and simple, nothing is over orchestrated. Some desserts include rich and creamy homemade cheesecake “moms own recipe”, along with traditional Italian classics.

The East Meadow Pizzeria/Restaurant, a large contemporary space, with a beige and gold color scheme has wood treatments, banquettes and booths.

As you enter the establishment you are greeted by a pizza counter with as many as 38 different varieties of pizzas. Try and choose just one! They are all so tempting. Keep walking and you are greeted by one of the helpful and kind staff who will seat you in the casual dining room.

Frantoni’s is a friendly place and someone from the family is always there. “We never lose sight of who we are,” says Donna.

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